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Useful Links

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bizhelp24 - UK on-line business resource for individuals and small businesses

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) - organisation for UK based women business owners

British Franchise Association - information on franchising

British Venture Capital Association - private equity and venture capital for entrepreneurs

BTG - commercialising new technologies through investing and licensing

Business Link - .gov -Patents, trade marks, copyright and designs provides you with information and guidance on everything you need to know about the new product development process. 

Caparo Innovation Centre - Wolverhampton University team helping inventors get ideas to market, with no cash charge

Community Research & Development Information Service

 - practical advice by/for inventors  (CORDIS) - European Commission's information service on European Research and Innovation activities

Companies House - online database of all registered UK company names

CREAX - systematic innovation methodology

Delphion - patent search engine (free registration required)

DTI's Innovation Report - showing how innovation is a driving force

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) - UK agency funding research in engineering and the physical sciences

Engineering Council UK - promoting and regulating UK engineering professions (formerly the Council of Engineering Institutions)

Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) - enterprise investment for small to medium sized companies

European Patent Office - ESPACE.NET Europe's network of patent databases

European Patent Register - online checking for the status of European patents and applications

First Index - online suppliers' directory and sourcing tool

Foresight - UK science-based futures expertise identifying potential opportunities from science & technology

Global Sources - online supplier directory and search engine  Global Womens Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) - promoting women inventors

Innovation Plus - technology inventions service (Oxfordshire based)

Institute of International Licensing Practitioners - Association commercialising invention through technology transfer and licensing

Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys - register of UK trade mark attorneys

Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) - organisation for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals

Intellectual Property Office - body advising UK Government on intellectual property issues - European site and directory for inventors - US site and directory for inventors - marketing services for technology inventions

Inventions & Innovation site (US Dept of Energy) - downloadable guides for inventors, including 'From Invention to Innovation' and 'Making the Licensing Decision'

InventNet - US inventors network

InventorEd - comprehensive online inventor resource and discussion forum (US site) - help selecting appropriate/ avoiding inappropriate invention agencies

Inventors Digest - US magazine and website for inventors

Inventors Directory - US inventors directory

Inventors Friend - service for UK inventors

Inventors Handbook (Lemelson - MIT) - essential online guide for inventors (US)

Inventors Handbook (NESTA) - essential online guide for inventors (UK)

Inventors HQ - free online information and mentoring service for inventors (US site)

Inventors-L - active online discussion forum for inventors (US site) - UK government inward investment agency

IP Consult - Intellectual Property specialist services (Buckinghamshire Based) - comprehensive database for finding UK grants and loans

Japan Patent Office - English site for the Japan Patent Office

Knowledge Dock - Internet based support for technology entrepreneurs

KnowThis - directory of Market Research reports and online databases

Lawdit Solicitors - UK commercial & Intellectual Property legal services provider

Macrothesaurus - directory of global inventors resources

Manufacturing Advisory Service - helping UK manufacturers with support and expertise

Medical Research Council (MRC) - UK agency promoting research into medical and related science

National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA) - investing in outstanding ideas and the people who have them

National Federation of Enterprise Agencies - Enterprise Agency support for UK start-ups, micro businesses and the self-employed

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) - promoting research into the natural environment

Next Step - for TRIZ / Innovation services

Own It - the Creative London Intellectual Property Service. Free advice, events and information for London's creative people on: Copyright, Design Rights, Patents, Trademarks, Branding, Confidentiality Agreements, Licensing, Royalties, Contracts. Free to access.

Patent FAQ - practical answers to many patent related questions (US site) - links to intellectual property, patent and trademark sites around the world

PatentMax - online global patent search service

Patents and Prototypes - patent, prototype & market research services for UK inventors

Patent tutorial - online US patent guide & patent search tutorial

PlanetPatent - US patent search service

Presentations guide - free guide to making a compelling business case of your invention (from 'Ask the Inventors')

Real Deal - hints and tips for entrepreneurs starting in business (Channel 4 site)

Royal Academy of Engineering - bringing together UK engineers from all disciplines

Royal Institution - home of UK science research and communication for over 200 years

SciDev Net - global news, views and information about science, technology & the developing world

Science Media Centre - press office for science, promoting the scientific community to the news media

SETsquared - supporting knowledge-based entrepreneurs in Southern England

Solent Investment Opportunity Network (SION) - business angel network covering Hampshire and West Sussex

Technical Innovation Center ( - information on TRIZ and publisher of TRIZ books

Technology Ventures Scotland - commercialisation of Scottish science and technology

Tech TV - online info and video clips of interest to inventors and technology enthusiasts

Thames Valley Technology - meeting the demands of technology companies in the Thames Valley

The Entrepreneur Network - comprehensive information source for inventors and entrepreneurs (US site)

The Key - UK Intellectual Property information - trademarks, patents, registered designs and copyright

The Royal Society - independent UK scientific academy promoting excellence in science

The Trevor Baylis Foundation - helping inventors find a route to market

Totally absurd patents - an amusing selection of some of the daftest patents ever filed

TRIZ Journal - online free monthly journal & archive for TRIZ methods of creativity & innovation

UK Business Incubation - providing information on UK business incubation

UK Patent Office - UK Intellectual Property (Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks)

US Patent Office - US Patent and Trademark Office

Wales Innovators Network - support service for individual innovators and inventors

Why Not open source movement - how to use everyday ingenuity to solve problems big and small

Wired Wessex - online network for new media and technology professionals

Working Model - prototyping service for inventors

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) - harmonising national intellectual property legislation and procedures - online database to find or market a technology


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